About me:

Welcome to my portfolio, home to my work, showreel and base for my development as an animator. I specialize in 3D animation creating key frame, facial and motion captured animation, while following the principles of animation. I can create realistic and exaggerated animations and place my characters in dynamic poses to bring out the emotions of the character.

My goals are to create excellent quality animation, improving workflows and develop animation that is expressive and detailed. I have always strived to develop my skills and create work that pushes my abilities to see what's possible.


James Maidens
                                                3D Animator
+44(0)7890 390 400
  • Great pride for my work.
  • Comfortable working in a team, making a positive contributions.
  • Critical eye for detail and always looking for ways to improve my work.
  • Passionate about completing goals and meeting deadlines.
  • Very organized and forward thinking.
  • Always open to criticism to improve animation and workflows.
  • Can create looped and scene animations.
  • Experience with motion capture.
  • Worked with biped and custom rigs.
  • Experience in several 3D and 2D packages.
  • Works well under pressure.

I am passionate about animation watching many different types of animation from a young age, stop-motion to high end CGI animation and everything in-between. What I have discovered is for animation to work the animator needs to get into the character’s mindset by acting out the motions and using references from videos, looking for the character's goals helps visualise how they will act, are they a angry character that will snap at any minute? Or are they happy, worried, crazed, hurt, intoxicated, afraid or is it just another mundane day for them? These are the questions every animator must ask themselves to create convincing characters.

2012 to Present                              Volunteering at Tunedin

2010 to Present                                       3D Animator

Education & Qualifications
2006 to 2010                                    University of Teesside
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Games Art (2:1) 

Final Year Modules and Results
Games Development A
Practical Project B
Advanced Animation for Games B
Drawing & Composition 3 C

I have known James Maidens for some years as his Tutor at Teesside University. James was an excellent student and a regular and honest member of the cohort. I have no hesitation in recommending him for the post in question.

Simon Mckeown
Reader in Computer Animation
Teesside University

Willing to relocate.
Please contact me for full resume or add me on LinkedIn.
More References available upon request.